Jan 13

Computer Repair guy on your side

I just came from Always Thinking Computers, and they were on my side. i have an old computer that use to be my mothers. I went in and asked about how to erase all her personal data because I wanted to donate the computer. They told me to bring it in and they would do it free of cost; I took the computer in and they did it while I waited(Mind you, it was a computer that was only 6 GBs so that may not be the case for everyone.) They were super helpful and I will be bringing my other computers to them for future tune-ups. The prices are extremely reasonable.

While I sat there and waited, I could not help but to overhear some phone calls that the owner, Tim, was making. It was very clear that Tim is always thinking computers. He was so knowledgeable and did not seem “bothered” at all to be helping these customers on the phone!

Thanks for the great service guys!!!

-Karen P